Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Having two boys (three if you count dear hubby) means that there is never a dull moment to be had. I have learnt over the years that boys need to play rough and tumble, need to be noisy and then need lots of food. I think I am a pretty good "boy" mum and am learning to watch them do things I would never dream of. Of late, this new found "boy" mum strength and resolve has been put to the test!

The oldest son, Caleb, has taken up BMX riding. He tootles off down the road to the local BMX track where he does unimaginable things on two wheels. I have to remind myself that this is considered an extreme sport, which I think just makes it all the more appealing to a pre teen.

The first hint of trouble came when he bailed on his bike on the downhill ride. Pretty spectacular and conveniently captured on film by dad. Here 'tis:

What follows is his face afterwards!

I am thankful he a) wasn't wearing his glasses and b) didn't knock any of his beautiful teeth out. We had a good laugh, did the appropriate amount of "You're so cool!" and told him to be careful.

5 days later he was back out on his bike, fell off, was carried home by a kind stranger and we went off to the medical clinic for an xray. All this resulting in several days on crutches and a bandaged foot for 2 weeks. He was gutted that a sprain meant mum wouldn't allow him back on the track until he was healed.

Last Friday was his first day back on the track in 2 weeks. Just 2 days later this is what happened:

After a fall from his bike, a huge gash in his leg and the calling of an ambulance, this is how he got down off the mountain. Then it was into the ambulance for a trip to hospital!

Finally, after several hours, xrays, pain relief, laughing gas, tears and broken fingers (mine that was....he squeezed them to death!) we ended up with 9 stithes in his leg......and at least another 2-3 weeks off his bike!

This morning he awoke to find the full face helmet and goggles that he had bought, on the front step. He can't wait to get back onto his bike. My "boy" mum resolve is waining but I can't wrap him in cotton wool. Guess I'll just take another deep breath and scrape up the pieces in the event of another accident :-)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm such a softy! I love romance, pressies and days where you can just be nice to each other. It should happen everyday but the reality is that there are days when we just get grumpy with each other and forget to say how much we love and appreciate someone.Valentines is one chance in a year where we can love on each other which I think is great! This year, for me, it is more than just about me and Nige but also about showing appreciation and love to my boys and my staff. I took in a big box of chockies which we all enjoyed together and as a family we ate yummy food and special treats. It was a nice day. My darling not only bought me a rose (so sweet) but he also transferred our wedding video from VHS to DVD. How cute! He made it the day before and kept ringing me to tell me what he was watching. So sweet!

Marriage is a funny thing. There is all that hot, romantic love that happens before you get married and then as the years roll on that love matures into something beyond description. There is not a day that goes by that I would want to spend without my darling. I am grateful for his love and commitment to me and for always thinking I am beautiful, even on my ugly days :-)

Te Amo mi amor, hoy y para siempre!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A brief holiday in Taupo.

So it's the new year and we have been at work for just 2 1/2 weeks and then took another 2 weeks off to spend time with the boys and have a bit of a break. We've spent many lovely summer days at home and then decided to go to Taupo to visit Nigel's sister and hubby and baby girl, Saskia. It was a lovely couple of days.

To keep the boys entertained we found an adventure activity called "Rock 'n Ropes". It is a high wire, climbing/confidence course. You could choose from several different activities so we paid for the boys to choose one. We could have saved money and allowed them to choose 3 different ones to do but secretly we believed that they would freak out too much and not actually do it at all. Man, did they surprise us!

Here's Caleb:

This one was called the Trapeze. He had to climb this pole, stand on top with nothing to hold and then leap to catch onto the trapeze to the left. It's a frightening thing! The woman who was holding onto him with his safety rope was amazing and instilled confidence in him. She said that he had chosen to do the most mentally challenging activity on the whole course. I watched him as he scurried up the pole then stood at the top quite confidently. He quickly counted to 3 then leapt! He missed the trapeze but floated down on his safety harness. He had another go at it and this time everything seemed to go quicker. Before I knew it he was up the top and jumping as high as he could. This time he touched it and was really pleased with himself. Man, I couldn't do it!!!

Here's Isaac:

Isaac spied this activity and convinced himself to do it. It was the most physically challenging event and there is absolutely no way I could do it. It was a series of swinging poles, ropes and tyres to climb up, through and on until you reach the top and sit on the final tyre. It was interesting to watch him work through it all. He scurried up the pole and then had a wee freak out at the height he was reaching and the movement of the poles. He was quite upset but he wasn't going to let it stop him. He pushed through his panic and carried on. As he reached the first tyre he again had a panic attack and again he took control of himself and his emotions and carried on. You could see the battle that he was having with himself and the real temptation to give into it but he wouldn't let himself give up. Near the top he had quite a severe panic attack with hyperventilating and many tears. I was sure he would jump off and float to the ground on his harness but he surprised me and moved onwards and upwards. As he climbed into the final tyre and sat on the top he had the biggest grin I have ever seen. He knew that he had pushed himself to his physical and emotional limit and not given into the fear that he has lived with for much of his life. I couldn't have been prouder!

My boys are pretty cool kids when I think about it. They are indeed a blessing from God, even in the hard days :-) They teach me new things every day and I am very proud of them.