Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Can life get any busier? I think not but then in saying that I fear it just might. I haven't blogged much of late as there really hasn't been any time but I figured I'd snatch a few minutes before the boys fight me for the computer and in between the ironing and handwashing (all of which are way overdue!)

It's been birthday month in our household. It's always a lot of fun even though it does stretch the May salary that we receive. Three boys all celebrating in 3 weeks can get a little overwhelming.

First up was the most important boy in my household.....dear hubby, Nigel. This year was a big one for him. The big 40!!!! He has spent many hours over the past years planning how he would celebrate his big day. As it came closer and closer he decided a quiet, fun, family outing would be good so we, along with some of his mates, all spent an afternoon at the Auckland luge, speeding down hills and racing each other. It was a hoot. We shared cake and relaxed together which was nice. On his actual birth date he was away leading a retreat for a christian organisation. The boys and I drove to where he was and surprised him with a fancy cake and a huge bunch of helium balloons. It was nice to be able to spend the day with him. There were several other, smaller celebraions which he enjoyed as well. His birthday seemed to go on for weeks!!!!!

Next up was youngest son, Isaac who turned 11. He spent his brithday at school however that meant i could organise his party for a few friends. We went and played laser tag and ate loads of pizza which made for a super easy cleanup for me. I decided the best thing for a bunch of rowdy boys is plenty of activity and junky food. He had asked for a cat cake that looked like our cat, Santiago. I had fun making it and eating the left over white chocolate which adorned it :-)

Finally the eldest son, Caleb, reached the teenage milestone of turning 13. I wasn't sure how I felt about having a teenager in the house. I did know for sure that I certainly didn't feel old enough to have one! He also spent the day at school and then we repeated Isaac's birthday activities with Caleb and his mates although his request was for KFC instead of pizza. I was happy to oblige. All seemed just as easy to me. Surprisingly he also asked for a decorated cake. I thought he might have grown out of that but obviously not. His request was for a basketball boot that resembled a much coveted pair of nikes. I did my best and I think it came out pretty cool. I'm not sure how parents felt when their kids came home with black teeth and lips but it was fun.

Mine is next. According to my computer at work it is just 16 days away so that will be fun. I will have to go to work though I think but that might give the family the chance to organise something in my absence. We'll see what happens.

I love celebrating!

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Nigel said...

If you had a birthday wishlist, I wonder what would be on it?